Safe Shots: Forevercam Cage – can be used with GoPro Fusion Camera

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Safe Shots: Forevercam Cage – can be used with GoPro Fusion Camera

Forevercam has just launched the world’s first protective cage for GoPro Fusion for summer 2018

Rugged, exact, intuitive, the Forevercam Cage can be used with “GoPro Fusion Camera” is crucial companion to GoPro Fusion action camera. This full metal housing can take everything thrown at it to protect its camera in even the most extreme action environments, opening up more creative mounting possibilities for capturing everything without worrying.

The housing construction is high-quality aluminum alloy, CNC (Computer Numerical Controlled), designed to GoPro Fusion’s exact specifications. Due to its material and construction, not only does the Cage fit onto Fusion precisely, but also is able to sink heat generated by the camera and prevent interruption of its operation due to overheating.

The cage is packed with features. Mountings to make it tripod friendly, doors for easy access to the camera’s battery and SIM compartments, and anti-skid design and finish to protect the camera from dust and scratches to knocks and slips.
Camera are most delicate at their lens and Fusion has two of them. The Cagehas its own pair of changeable lenses to protect the lenses of the camera, and are readily replaceable should they be damaged. In addition, lens caps are available for further protection of the lenses when not in use.
Stay on the safe side while shooting all sides with Forevercam Cage for Fusion camera.
Forevercam Cage can be used with “GoPro Fusion Camera” is available now. Check it out at

The Cage by Forevercam is companion housing to GoPro’s Fusion camera. The Cage is an aluminium alloy casing to protect the camera from damage in action environments. The Cage is made by high-precision CNC mill from high-quality aluminium alloy into a two-piece construction of box and lid. Mountings are installed to make the Cage tripod-friendly. Doors are installed on the casing for access to the battery compartment and SD card slots. The Cage includes replaceable lenses with aluminium alloy screw-in lens caps available as accessories. The Cage is finished in non-slip texture with anti-skid material. Ruggedly and intuitively designed for ease of use and mind for creative and active photography.